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Free Online Gx6605s HW203 BOOT.bin & Hardware Version Changing Tool

Gx6605s HW203 BOOT.bin & Version Changer

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It is an online Gx6605s hw203 boot.bin merging & hardware version changing tool made for your requirements to pick up your original software boot.bin section and insert it into the new software, then adjust and change the hardware version without delay into your new software.

Follow the following steps to use this tool.

Step 1. Upload in the "select source (.bin) file" section your original dump file or currently used software in your receiver to pick up the boot.bin part.

Step 2. Upload in the "select target (.bin) file" section new software " to insert the boot.bin part.

Step 3. Press the "insert boot.bin" button to merge the boot.bin part in the new software.

Step 4. After pressing the "insert boot.bin" button the new software's current hardware version id will be displayed below.

Step 5. Enter the new hardware version id: (last 3 digits only) then press the "replace hardware version" button the hardware version changed successfully to: hw203.00 message will be shown with your entered new  last 3 digits.

Step 6. After merging the boot.bin part and adding a new hardware version id pressed the "download updated software" button for download software.

Notice. If you are facing this type of problem "boot.bin sections do not match for merging" that means the source file and target file boot.bin sizes are different like's one is 64kb and the other one is 128kb.